Together with HITOSHI YAMASHITA at the Ancient setter NEKODA’s museum

Hiroshima-Japan 2006

Together with TATSUYA ADACHI from JAPAN

Dubai-Emirates 2007

Together with Mr. Camilo Antao(President of Mozambique Volleyball Federation and Member of Board of Administration of FIVB)

Mozambique 2004

Together with PETER KALNY from SLOVAKIA at the Barbados Olympic Committe

Bridgetown-Barbados 2007

Charter Members of Volleyball Coaches Association

V.C.A. 1989

Instructions after game Yesilyurt S.C.

Turkey 1997

Turkish National Youth Team

Turkey 2001

Turkish National Youth Teamtime-out in GREECE

Turkey 2001

Together with Prof. Zhu Jia MING (CHINA)in opening ceremony

Singapore 2002

Volley Trophy 2002 award ceremony INTERFARMA V.C.

Switzerland 2002

Opening Ceremony of2nd Stage Coach CourseTogether with Dr. Horst Baacke(Germany)

Tripoli-Libya 2002

1998 – Atlantic Ocean Seasidetogether with NVF Staff


Together with Mr. Ralph Hippolyte (France)

Olympia-Greece 1994

Together with Dr. Baacke in Syrian Press

Damascus-Syria 1999

FIVB 3rd Stage Coaches Coursein International Olympic Accademy Together with Grek Coaches

Olympia-Greece 1994
Prosalikas, Lajos, Nikolakis, Floros, Dermatis, Costa

International Olympic Accademy

Olympia-Greece 1994

Together with Mr. Gennadiy Parshine (USSR/Latvia)

Istanbul 1995

An African Style Outdoor Volleyball Tournament

South Africa 1999

Together with Mr. Hernan Human a(Canada)and Mr. Chai Nimakorn (President of TVF)

Bangkok-Thailand 2002

Together with Mr. Stelios Prosalikas, John Nikolakisand Mr. Bakodimos Periklis

Olympia-Greece 1994

At the port of Alexandroupolis (Photo: Mr. Celal Demirbilek)

Alexandroupolis-Greece 2000

Together with Mr. Gennadiy Parshine

Alanya-Turkey 1996

1st Stage FIVB Coaches CourseA view from practical lecture

Bangkok-Thailand 2002

A view from theoretical lectures

Tripoli-Libya 1999

A view from Tripoli Harbour

South Africa 1999